9th International Conference On Mobile And Secure Services


November 09-10, 2024
South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA

Call For Papers

The goal of the “Conference on Mobile Applications, Security, and Services” is to explore the challenges, issues and opportunities for academic researchers and industrial innovators.
We are looking for both research papers on new applications and presentations of deployment experiments or new business opportunities.
This conference aims to bring researchers and industrial experts together to discuss the latest frontiers of mobile technology, and also novel applications that have not been thought of before.
In an always-on and everything connected context, mobile applications are more and more interacting with sensitive or personal resources hosted in cloud computing or Internet of Things infrastructure.
As a consequence, security and trust are critical issues, and likely a prerequisite for the deployment of IoT and Cyber Physical System and frameworks.
Digital society offers to researchers and developers a great opportunity for getting quick traction with novel applications.
The broad availability of communication technologies fertilizes research and development of novel applications and can go well beyond these intended applications.

The conference is open but not limited to the following topics:

  • Proximity communication technologies for mobile (NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZibBee,…)
  • Secure transactions over proximity communications
  • Deployment experiments and testing for IoT Platforms
  • Payments, transport, ticketing, access control, couponing, macro localization (Tags)
  • Trust for mobile applications and services
  • Secure Elements, SIM frameworks; SecureSD, Single Wire Protocol (SWP)
  • Trusted Service Manager (TSM)
  • Secure over the air (OTA) services
  • Flash over the air (FOTA)
  • Hardware Secure Module (HSM)
  • New mobile secure architectures
  • Host Card Emulation (HCE)
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)
  • New services and business perspectives
  • New payment applications
  • Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum)
  • Secure tokenization technologies
  • Proximity communication for access control
  • Automotive industry perspectives
  • Applications for the consumer industry
  • Applications for smart cities
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) new perspectives
  • Mobile Applications for Social Networks
  • Deep learning applications for trust & security
  • AI for Security and Trust